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Preparatory Dental Implant Procedures

How We Guarantee Implant
Success Every Single Time

Woman sitting outside smiling after preparatory dental implant procedures

When someone comes to Delicate Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, they can expect an elite level of care and service starting at their first appointment. For many patients who are interested in getting dental implants, they first need to undergo preparatory procedures to make sure their mouth is ready and healthy enough for the treatment. Thankfully, whatever needs to be done can be taken care of by Dr. Delica herself. She’s a one-stop-shop for all things dental implant related, making it easier than ever for patients to rebuild their smiles. To learn more about some of the procedures she provides or schedule a consultation to discuss preparatory dental implant procedures in Wellington, FL, contact us today.

Why Choose Delicate Periodontics & Implant Dentistry for Preparatory Dental Implant Procedures?

  • Harvard Educated Periodontist & Implant Surgeon
  • State-of-the-Art Facility
  • All Bone Grafts Performed In-House

Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging

Woman in cone beam 3D imaging scanner during dental implant preparation

Before we do anything with a patient, we use our cone beam scanner to create a 3D model of their teeth, jawbone, and surrounding oral structures. This type of image reveals a lot more detail about a person’s dental anatomy than a traditional X-ray, and it enables Dr. Delica and our team to formulate extremely precise and personalized treatment plans. This way, by the time we actually begin an implant procedure, success is already guaranteed.

Guided Bone Regeneration

Animated smile during guided bone regeneration treatment

Many patients who come to see us have developed bone loss due to tooth loss. When a tooth goes missing, the jawbone that used to support it starts to shrink and change shape because the body stops sending nutrients to it. This can make it too weak to support a dental implant. To correct this, guided bone regeneration is a process where a bone grafting material is placed onto the diminished jawbone to help build it back up. This cannot only make the bone stronger and ready for implants, but it can also correct any deformities that might be negatively affecting the appearance of the smile.

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Ridge Preservation

Animated ridge preservation treatment

Often, before a patient gets dental implants, they need to have any remaining failing teeth removed first. Ridge preservation is a procedure in which we protect and maintain the nearby bone that is supporting a tooth as we remove it. This is done by placing a bone grafting material and maybe a supportive mesh in the area. This keeps the bone strong so that it will be able to support a dental implant almost immediately after an extraction.

Bone Grafting

Animated bone grafting treatment

Bone loss in the jaw is very common after tooth loss, and it can actually make the bone so weak and brittle that it is unable to support dental implants. This can also give the face a sunken, aged appearance. Thankfully, bone grafting is a minor procedure in which a patient’s own bone, donated bone, or a lab-made grafting material is used to build up and fortify the jaw wherever a patient would like to get implants. After the procedure is performed, Dr. Delica can safely place implants a few weeks or months later.

Sinus Lift

Animated sinus lift treatment

A sinus lift is a specific type of bone graft that is used to thicken the back of the upper jawbone to prepare it for dental implants. It’s called a sinus lift because it involves slightly moving the delicate sinus membrane located right above the jaw. This creates additional room for the jawbone to grow thanks to the bone graft. The procedure ensures that when we place dental implants into the bone, they don’t accidentally pierce the delicate membrane, which needless to say, isn’t very comfortable!