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LANAP Laser Gum Therapy & LAPIP Laser Implant Therapy – Wellington, FL

A Gum Surgery Alternative

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Dr. Delica is a LANAP Certified Clinician. Using LANAP laser gum therapy, she’s able to target and eliminate harmful bacteria located deep below the gum line without needing incisions or sutures, leading to a quick, effective, and pain-free treatment.

Why Choose Delicate Periodontics for LANAP?

  • Comfortable & Precise Laser Gum Treatment
  • Periodontist with Nearly a Decade of Experience
  • Patient Comfort Always Comes First

What is LANAP?

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LANAP is an innovative, painless treatment for gum disease.

When a patient comes to see us with periodontal disease, we can use a very small laser to eliminate the bacteria below the gum line. The tiny laser tip is placed next to a tooth inside the small space between it and the gums, and it exposes the infected tissue to a highly-concentrated beam of light. This accomplishes a number of things at the same time:

  • It kills the bacteria that is causing someone’s gum disease.
  • It sanitizes the area.
  • It cauterizes any nerves and blood vessels so a patient basically feels nothing.

After one pass with the laser, we then use handheld instruments to gently remove any hard tartar (called calculus) that has built up on the roots of the teeth. We then use the laser again to take care of any leftover bacteria. At this point, a small blood clot forms that helps the gums heal quickly and firmly reattach to the teeth, which helps cut down on the chance of reinfection.

Why Patients Love LANAP

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The LANAP protocol carries FDA approval for laser gum disease treatment with True Regeneration. So tissues lost to gum disease can be regenerated by using the LANAP protocol. In comparison to traditional gum surgery LANAP offers:

  • Shorter treatment time.
  • Faster healing.
  • Less post-treatment pain.
  • Less post-treatment sensitvity.
  • Return to your routines faster.

Is LANAP Right For You?

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Practically every patient who has been diagnosed with periodontal disease can benefit from LANAP. It can handle any stage of the infection, and we often recommend it as a preparatory procedure before getting dental implants, as it can ensure a patient’s new teeth will have the strongest foundation possible.

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LAPIP for Peri-Implantitis

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Peri-implantitis occurs when a significant amount of bone has been lost around placed dental implants. Early diagnosis is absolutely crucial when faced with this condition, and Dr. Delica may be able to return the implant(s) to a healthy state with the help of the state-of-the-art LAPIP protocol. Our team will use laser therapy to eliminate infected tissue and vaporize bacteria that are located deep within the oral pocket; at the same time, healthy tissue will be left as intact as possible so that it can regenerate over time. Compared to traditional surgery, this technology is very efficient, gentle, and minimally invasive.

Learn More About LANAP/ LAPIP

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Have you been diagnosed with periodontal disease? Are your gums red, swollen, sensitive, or receding? If so, LANAP can help, and it can do so faster and better than almost any other method available today. To learn more about this procedure and the other state-of-the-art instruments we use here at Delicate Periodontics to take care of our patients, give us a call today.